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Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:New York, United States of America

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a midsummer night's dream, ace, acting, actors, alan moore, animaniacs, artwork, bbc, bbc america, big finish, brings the muscle, broadway, bugs bunny, cartoons, chris evans, christian bale, christian cooke, chuck palahniuk, clark kent, computers, d.c. comics, dancing, david beckham, demons, demons itv, dialects, directing, discovery channel, disney channel, disney channel original movies, doctor who, dorothy mcshane, dvds, eddie izzard, eric bana, eric johnson, evolution, exercise, fanfiction, fight club, frank miller, french & saunders, futurama, gareth david-lloyd, gay men, gay sex, gerard butler, grant morrisson, greek mythology, harry lloyd, harry potter, hermes, hex, high school musical, history, homoeroticism, hutchinson/baines, hutchinson/latimer, ianto jones, itv, j.r r. tolkien, jack harkness, jack/ianto, james denton, jane austen, jennifer saunders, jeremy baines, jimmy neutron, john barrowman, john sheppard, justice society, last van helsing, literature, lord of the rings, lucas grabeel, mary tyler moorgasms, men, mercury, mets, michael vartan, michaelangelo, milo ventimiglia, monty python, movies, mp3s, music, mystery, mythology, neil gaiman, neverwhere, new order, new york, new york city, nyc, oh my god!, oliver wood, painting, patrick wilson, philip glenister, philip k. dick, philip olivier, photography, plays, playwrighting, popular, psychology, puck, raoul bova, reading, robin hood, russell t davies, ryan reynolds, ryne sanborn, sci-fi, science fiction, scissor sisters, screenplays, screenwriting, scriptwriting, sean patrick flanery, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, singing, south park, steven waddington, streetcar named desire, superman, superman returns, tattoos, tennessee williams, texas, the simpsons, theatre, thomas hector schofield, tim latimer, tom hutchinson, torchwood, very good with wallpaper, walt disney world, web design, were the world mine, will scarlett, wizards of waverly place, working out, writing, yankees, zac efron
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